A Look at Artificial Intelligence and Technology – Book Review

It is quite clear that computers and artificial intelligence will run our world tomorrow, when we program these machines today. Interestingly enough, soon the AI ​​machine will program itself. How can we arrive so fast that you ask? Maybe you need to do a little research for yourself.

If this topic interests you, then my son has a good book for you to read. This is a book that I have personally, and which I have read for a long time, but still holds the validity of today, and many predictions from the past period, which were only two decades ago, though it seems like thousands of years; the book is:

“The Connection Machine,” by W. Danny Hillis, MIT Press, MA, 1989, (208 pp), ISBN: 978-026258-0977.

This book is an extension of the controversial controversy and precedes the MIT thesis by the same author. This book is not for non-intellectual ones, and he is quite thick in the details and philosophy of parallel computing. This book was well written before massive internet use, just as computer technology in Silicon Valley really took off. Indeed, this is one of the books that was the main driver at the time.

This is why I have it in my library, and why I recommend it to anyone who becomes artificial intelligence, computer hardware, future software, or where we go from here; why do you ask – because if the past is an indication of the future, things become very interesting in the following decade. In fact, I hope you will consider this, and educate yourself a little in the past, so you can understand how far we have come, how fast we have come, and where we are going from here. Think about it.